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Facial disfigurement from assault

The face is one of the most delicate and vulnerable areas of the body. In physical fights, it is unfortunately usually the face that gets a lot of damage.

According to some estimates, injuries to the face from assaults are rising. By deliberately injuring somebody’s face, you do not just cause them the pain and anguish of being attacked, the victim is sometimes left with a permanent reminder of the assault. In many cases, the scars are plain to see and other people can find them intimidating, off-putting, or scary.

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War and facial disfigurement – progress from chaos

One of the great tragedies of human nature is that many of our greatest advancements come from our greatest conflicts. Nuclear power, radar, the internet, the list goes on for inventions that were born of the necessity of war. One often overlooked aspect of the advancements that come from war is the huge transformation in surgery that it has brought.

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